Women Reveal Why They Prefer Smaller Men

Many women fall for the myth the bigger the better their love life is! Even there is a dating websites LOL! I know you get it.

I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feeling, but it is completely obnoxious to judge a man by what is between his legs too. Isn’t it?

So today’s post is a myth buster for the guys and woman for whom only size matter during their performance in bed, as by size you cannot define a person or your relationship.

See what some of the bold and beautiful woman have to say. I am sure that will blow your mind off completely.

#1 Boring Vs. Hot And Fun.

#2 She Found Smaller Ones Much Attractive.

#3 Too Long Hurts More.

#4 Great Confession Of A Pretty Lady.

#5 Bold And Blunt Judgement.

#6 Well-Planned Thought Of A Woman.

#7 Straight And Simple Concept. Smaller = Much Satisfaction

#8 Funny But Honest Confession.

#9 A New Word For Smaller Sizes, Cute. LOL!

#10 Well, Girl. I Would Suggest Support Your Liking No Matter Where You Are.

#11 Pleasure Matters!