Weird Products Fetishists Can Buy Online

People are selling the strangest things online, and there’s a market for it! Fetishists are buying and selling everything from college girls blankets to used underwear, and making a pretty penny too.

#1 The Underground Sock Fetish On Craigslist

Florida has an underground sock trade. Yes, it’s something new, or maybe not, but at least online and in Florida it’s a new phenomenon. In south Florida Latin women are selling their used, and very dirty, socks on Craiglist for $25 a pair. The cadre of women said that “We basically wear the socks for a few days and get them really sweaty.” Another Craigslist seller explained, “Then we sell them. It’s us two and a couple of friends of mine. We’ve been in the foot fetish trade for a while. Now we are selling socks. We meet in a public place and make the exchange.” They are selling around 50 pairs a month.

It also worked for one 31-year-old guy on Reddit, who goes by the name of TeamYMD. He put up an ad in 2011 as a joke, saying his socks had been worn by a “hot college jock.” Over the next three years, he sold hundreds of pairs of used socks and made $10,000. he later graduated and began selling his “hot jock undies” for $100 a pair and is living off of his online auction sales.

#2 Chinese College Student Who Sells Girls’ Used Quilts To Their Male Admirers

When a graduate student posted a used blanket of her own online for sale and it sold for a small fortune within minutes, it gave fellow student Long Yi a brilliant idea. He spent his savings on dozens of old quilts belonging to female students who are graduating from Qinghua University, China, where Long is a junior. He posted all the quilts online and sold most of them in one day and raked in 10,000 yuan ($1,600). Demand is so high that he has set up a stall on campus to complement his online sales. He now has two operations running, and says the demand for used blankets and quilts is very high. He has ads up in major cities asking for girls to either donate or sell him their used bedding, which he, in turn, sells to male students who want a souvenir of a female student to cuddle with.

#3 Twins Who ‘Sleep’ With Plush Toys And Sell Them On Instagram For $333

Allie and Lexie Kaplan, 22, of Las Angeles are working with â??The Most Famous Artist” Matty Mo, who rose to fame after making $50,000 in one weekend by selling cash on Instagram. The identical twins, who look like a healthier version of the Olsen Twins, “sleep” with the toys developed by Mighty Mo and then post images of themselves in suggestive poses online for prospective buyers to view. The toys come in a variety of styles including Batman, The Hulk, Pikachu, Yoda, Chewbacca, and Darth Vader. “Each â??Boy Toy’ is signed on the tag and includes a Certificate of Authenticity sealed with kisses and a framed picture of us…and yes they smell like us,” the twins wrote. The ‘boy toys’ are so popular that the twins have run out of inventory twice already.

#4 Air Hostesses Who Are Selling Their Used Accessories Online

Would you believe there is a market for used flight attendant shoes on eBay? Of course, there is. Women claiming to be air hostesses are selling their used shoes and tights to eager buyers online very quickly. To some, it may sound icky, but the demand for these items is overwhelming, according to flight attendant Jean Barns, who said that she has been inundated with messages asking how they smell. Buyers can purchase all sorts of “slightly used” apparel such as shoes, socks, tights, underwear, and pantyhose. The average sale by this seller, who says she is an air hostess herself, is around $225.00. Some listings claim to be of tights and shoes that are “well worn” by the cabin crew. One pair of tights is listed as, “Ladies cabin crew tights worn internationally. Size medium and worn by a tall woman. Can be sent washed or unwashed.”

#5 Humiliatrix Sells Everything From Used Panties To Poop

It’s gross and disgusting, but desperate men pay 29-year-old Ceara Lynch piles of cash to film herself verbally humiliating them and she also sells locks of her silky brown hair, her used underwear and (we really don’t understand this) rubbish from her bathroom bin. But the way this budding businesswoman makes the REALLY big bucks will blow your mind.

Men are paying this self-described “humiliatrix” big money for her poop. It sells for $5,000 a bag, and she even has special requests coming from men all over the world. She says that once she has a buyer and they want more, she hikes the price up a little more each time. Something like a drug dealer, but nastier!

#6 College Student Who Sells Her Used Panties To Pay For Her Student Loans

A 21-year-old female college student from the bustling city-state of Singapore, named Kay, is selling her used panties to help pay her college expenses. Kay is one of the rare sellers who has risen above her competition by engaging in physical meet-ups with her customers. Her panties go for $37 each, while her bras go for between $29$44 a pair. According to Kay, her scent is “intoxicating, sweet and musky at the same time.”

She also mentions on her blog that she “accepts special requests like masturbating or peeing on the panties for an extra charge.” Some of her weirdest requests include “pooping into a Ziploc bag or smearing my poop all over my panties. I didn’t agree to those requests but have done milder versions like stuffing panties up my vagina when I’m masturbating or a little up my ass. There are fewer people into menstrual blood, but there are still requests for blood-soaked/stained panties.” This is gross and weird, right? Well, Kay is about to graduate from medical school completely debt free!

#7 Japanese Used Underwear Vending Machines For Men

Vending machines selling used schoolgirl panties were declared illegal in 1993, in Japan, yet many people still see them around. They were once as popular as soda machines, sprinkled around most everywhere tourists or people would be travelling. This particular machine is a converted cigarette machine that now takes 10,000 yen notes (about $80) for a single pair of used “teenager” undies. This one sells to the men, but there are several found throughout Tokyo that caters to those wishing for used male underwear as well, which sell for slightly less, at $65 a pair.

#8 Pubic Hair Sold To Freaky People On eBay

eBay sells just about everything if you look hard enough, and this is no exception. There are several listings of sellers auctioning off their own pubic hair to willing bidders. While most are female sellers, who pose scantily and hold up a baggie filled with their wares, the auctions with the most traffic and sales belong to two college boys who sell their shaved hair for around $420 a package. The two guys saw a similar auction and decided they could get more money if they sold it properly, and began a company that now includes pube artwork, photographs, and even the razors they use to shave with.

#9 Virgins Selling Their First Sexual Experience

An online auction organised by Jason Sisely, an Australian filmmaker, who started work on the Virgins Wanted project in 2009 has had a great response. To date, over 500 “virgins’ have let the site auction off their first sexual experience to the highest bidder. Under the terms and conditions of the auction, the winning bidder must have a medical examination and a police check. Rules stipulate that they may not be intoxicated during their time with the virgin, kiss them, involve anyone else or sex toys. They are also prohibited from recording the encounter or expect to have any fantasies or fetishes fulfilled. The virgin does not get paid until they have sexual intercourse with the bidder. The majority of winning bidders are wealthy Asian businessmen, but they do have a few female bidders as well. However, the virgin is not allowed to refuse any bidder, male or female.

#10 Underwear Hung Out To Dry In The Hawaiian Air

File this one under CRAZY. Japanese company Seiren is selling limited-edition cotton underwear called Deoest Hawaiian Breeze. According to their website, each pair of boxer briefs were hung on a clothesline in the U.S. island state for 48 hours before being packaged in a sealed glass container. These unusual pairs of underwear cost $90, twice the price of designer briefs from established brands like Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren. The spokeswoman for Seiren, based out of Tokyo, says that they sell an average of 140 pairs of the tropical breeze dried garments every month. She notes, however, that they also have different online sales for things like ‘freshly sun kissed lingerie’ that goes for $280 and ‘hand woven socks by young Asian models’ that sell for $99 a pair.