This School Was SHOCKED By What They Found Hidden Behind The Chalkboard… Mind BLOWN!

You don’t hear a lot about chalkboards and schools these days. They are still used, but the frequency is much less than it used to be. Smart boards and other teaching tools are used more often, and it probably won’t be long before chalkboards are rendered totally obsolete. In Oklahoma’s Emerson High School, students didn’t know they would get an extra special history lesson, thanks to chalkboards.


Contractors were sent to Emerson High School to do some remodeling work in order to get the school updated.

They took the chalkboards down and found chalkboards directly behind them, more than a century old.

In 1917, new chalkboards were put up over the old ones, preserving them virtually perfectly.

The chalkboards seen here were found in several rooms, each one with lessons displayed on them in various subjects.

One chalkboard had a multiplication method that was not known to anyone, including the teachers.

Cynthia Comer, an English teacher at Emerson High, was amazed at how well-preserved the chalkboards were, calling it “eerie” as the chalkboards looked as if they had only been used that very day instead of a century ago.

This chalkboard shows some amazing penmanship skills in cursive, something rarely seen in the modern technology age we live in today.

This chalkboard is believed to be showing a history lesson on Thanksgiving.


Another example of cursive writing, a lesson that will hopefully continue.

A lesson in music reading.Plans for further preservation of these chalkboards are currently underway.