These Doctor Confessions Are Proof That They Are Humans Too

Doctors are known to have one of the hardest jobs on earth. A doctor saves thousands of lives in their career, but sometimes they have to face awkward situations which prove they are normal people just like us. Here are 11 shocking confessions from doctors.

#1 Well that’s surprising.

#2 That doctor who likes to make review medical shows.

#3 All doctors have to make their heart strong!

#4 That Doctor Who farted during a conversation with a patient.

#5 That Doctor who likes to check out his patients.

#6 Regret for doing a good deed.

#7 Some Doctors are real angels.

#8 Some doctors like to do ecstasy before work.

#9 That doctor who got choked up from the ending of The Iron Giant but not from a real death.

#10 Those doctors who are missing their personal life.

#11 Some doctors can’t even commit to pizza toppings.

#12 It pays very well.