The Most Scandalous Ways People Got Revenge On Cheating Exes

Relationships can be tough, and cheating is one of the worst things that can happen in a relationship. If you broke up with your ex, because he or she cheated on you, then wanting revenge is justified. Instead of forgiving immediately, get even and then forgive. However, sometimes, people can get carried away about vengeance and takes it to the extreme. Take a look at the top extreme ways people have taken revenge on their exes.

#1 I Punched him in the face!

#2 Had sex with someone else,filmed it and showed him!

#3 Saw his new GF driving the car which I bought and paid for..I reported the car has been stolen..

#4 The Karma!

#5 caught by my bf’s mom!

#6 he has been sexting with his ex, I swapped her number with the boss!

#7 tattoo revenge!

#8 I rubbed his underwear in poison!

#9 I put laxatives in his coffee and hid the toilet papers!

#10 told her that i am married and not to call anymore!

#11 sent a mariachi band to play at his house!

#12 used sharpies on his jordans!

#13 threw all his stuff into a fire pit!