Social Media Is Full Of Stupid People. Especially Facebook.

Meet some of the dumbest people on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Funny, stupid posts prove some people shouldn’t be allowed on the internet. People Who Should Have Their Social Media Privileges Revoked.

#1 This #dummy whose lack of intellect can be measured by the #pound.

#2 The brilliant Justin Sacco who’s discovered a way to protect herself from disease merely by the color of his skin.

#3 This lover of classic literature.

#4 The drunk girl you wish you hadn’t started a conversation with at a party.

#5 Twitterette who is just amazed by how fast time flies.

#6 This girl who suddenly believes in coincidence.

#7 This girl on Facebook who just can’t quite grasp the concept.

#8 This highly-evolved Facebooker.

#9 This Facebooker who also shakes her head at the Canadians that believe we actually landed on the moon.

#10 Kevin K who must have a legitimate concern because if you google his question, waaaay to many people have asked it.

#11 Tasheka who also believes that texas is a country all its own.

#12 This darling Facebook Vixen who believes in the Immaculate Conception

#13 This Freak Geek who only wants the best for her offspring.

#14 This girl making a road trip to the county pen.

#15 The one who wishes to #bringourgirlshome from the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

#16 This disgruntled Instagram dude who has no appreciation for being fed.

#17 Finally, this romantic who just can’t find the right words to express his love.

#18 Robby who knows how a comma can really fuck up one’s life.

#19 This girl with the mad photoshop skills.

#20 This Facebook Anatomy Genius.

#21 This twitter girl who loves to smell like ass.

#22 This articulate Don Juan who really knows how to charm da ladies.

#23 This geography whiz who now has me searching the internet to find out where the South Unites States is.

#24 Dr Sues who was a little too fast and furious in posting her sympathy.

#25 This A1 steak lover.

#26 This one who stands tall in his support for the right of all the Americans to learn a second language.

#27 The girl who’s having a far worse monday than you.

#28 This woman who really should see a doctor.

#29 This tweeter who wants to ask, “Do you know the way to San Jose?”

#30 And then this proud American.

#31 This guy that leaves us searching for another word for stupid.

#32 This love-bitten dreamer who can prolong time when she sleeps.