Can You Spot The Sniper Aiming A Gun Right At You Hidden In These Pictures?

Sniper is a person who strikes at a target from an undisclosed location. They have to carry out their one-man mission very secretly. They first appeared around World War I as deadly sharpshooters in the trenches. In the beginning of the war, only Germany had the troops of trained snipers and they were the deadliest of all. In World War II they reappeared but this time the Soviet Union had their own trained snipers. They were trained as marksmen. They were trained to hide.

Here’re 10 such pictures of snipers. Spot the snipers aiming the gun right at you if you can!

The Barrel Of Snipper

Look for them, you might find them!

Were you successful? Well, here’s the man, hidden carefully in the trees!

Not That Easy

It is not as easy as you might have thought! Let’s try again.

Still not able to locate? Don’t worry, they’re really great at their jobs!

This One Is Really A Rocky One

Well, this one is a little too difficult so much so that it even looks impossible, but is actually true!


Unbelievable, isn’t it?

That’s surely too difficult to believe, but snipers are highly trained to perfection! Look at this one now!


That’s Quite Well Hidden

I’m just awestruck by their sense of promptness and intelligence.


The Scenery Will Try To Distract You

The beautiful picturesque surrounding might entice you, but look for the sniper if you can in the picture, try to find them


This One Looks Too Impossible

That’s just a tall tree, where he could hide in this picture! The answer will surely blow your mind, keep scrolling


A Great View Around The Sniper

Surely, they must enjoy their work way too much!


This One Is Intense

Drop dead intense! Cannot even think one could hide in there!


Savage. Pure Savage!

They never miss their shot, they’re extremely good at their work.


They perfectly blend with their surroundings and hence become unrecognizable.