Shocking Ways People Discovered They Were Being Cheated On

DISCOVERING your partner is cheating is bad enough, but finding out about their infidelity in these cruel ways is so much worse.

Imagine learning your wife was having an affair by accidentally finding photos of her and an ex on her phone the day your first child was born, or discovering you have chlamydia because your ex wasn’t faithful to you.

These 20 whisper users found out their partners were cheating in the most shocking ways…

#1 Caught them on backseat of his car!

#2 I caught him texting “I Love You” to her

#3 he booked hotel using our combined email address

#4 he told me face to face!

#5 He told me when I was in e the hospital!

#6 She grabbed my hand hard when I picked her phone

#7 He told me during sex!

#8 I saw all their messages and pics on FB!

#9 I showed at his house at the same time as another woman.

#10 he got the girl pregnant and then told me!

#11 Caught him via fake account of FB!

#12 I found his videos..

#13 Caught via IG!

#14 she sent me pictures!

#15 Caught him while cleaning voicemails

#16 I had a very realistic dream about him cheating!

#17 His brother told me!

#18 Caught him by his fone!

#19 through used condom!

#20 I stalked him on Instagram!

#21 his wife caught us at dinner!