17 People With Names That Ruined Their Lives Forever

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if some parents are trying to be really original or just extremely cruel. Take a look at these 17 People With awkward Names That Ruined Their Lives Forever.

#1 Guess we know what Mom and Dad were drinking when they had him.

#2 Is that all she sold to the plaintiffs?

#3 Baby 2.0:

#4 Future poet, classical music composer, and world class cyclist.

#5 This guy was destined for this profession.

#6 You know what i mean?

#7 Mr. Rambo is my father. You can call me Mister.

#8 His parents were ahead of their time.

#9 He’s the hero Colombia needs right now.

#10 Now that’s a true fan.

#11 You’re never going to win the election with that attitude, Oliver.

#12 is Jesus Christ Hitler Paracelso Zeppelin a family name?

#13 Have you met He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Estioco? He goes to Don Mariano Marco elementary school.

#14 That’s just good parenting.

#15 One guess where she was conceived…

#16 It’s okay, Dick. At least your name isn’t Tiny Kox or something like that.

#17 Oh… sorry Tiny.