If These Photos Don’t Make You Smile, Nothing Will

Have you ever wondered why we’re here? What’s your purpose in life might be? If we play a bigger role than just existing?

Ugh. That sounds terrible. Here are some funny pictures from the internet to distract you from such disconcerting thoughts

Take a look.

#1 These fluff buddies are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

#2 Isn’t this little cat adorable?

#3 And what about this little girl and her stick? Ha-ha, sweet

#4 The look on this puppy’s face can melt any heart.

#5 Take notes boys and girls.

#6 And this little thing which can even fit in a tissue paper box.

#7 These dogs, who are seen comforting each other.

#8 Okay, what about this cat who lost her pants after the surgery?

#9 LOL! This kid just earned some extra credit from his teacher.

#10 Here we go with a dog in a space suit.

#11 Or maybe this smiling topiary would just brighten your day.

#12 The best medicine you can get is available at this store.

#13 This pup is going to become a hero one day. How cute.

#14 This criminal who is going to kill you with its cuteness.