Guy Accuses His Girlfriend Of Cheating And It Goes Viral For One Reason

For many people, being cheated on is their worst nightmare. Brief moments of madness can ends relationships, cause divorces and change the lives those involved forever. This particular guy, called Jack, decided to explore the possibility by finding out how his girlfriend would react if he accused her of cheating.

He tells his girlfriend that another man has got in touch claiming that Jack’s girlfriend, Ellie, is seeing one of his friends. It seems that it’s in Jack’s nature to wind people up so perhaps his presumably long-suffering girlfriend should have seen this coming? Either way, this is one hilarious wind-up.

A man named Jack Lampe leveled a very serious accusation at his girlfriend, Ellie Ward.

He started the conversation in a rage, and Ward was reeling immediately.

Lampe offered some details that she should’ve looked at a little closer.

Ward could barely contain herself when Lampe said he would send a picture.

And, here is our mystery man. Ginger and white, like Lampe said, it’s a Scotch egg, or “Scott Cheggy,” as the text called him.

We can’t imagine Ward was thrilled by the texts, but she seemed to have been over it by the time she posted it on Twitter.

Some couples have the same warped sense of humor, we guess.