Facts About Hickeys That Will Blow Your Mind

Admit it, any of us at some point had some hickeys and gave other hickeys… But have you ever wondered how hickeys are being made and what caused them? Stay tuned, you are about to find out

#1 Not Easy To Get Rid Of Hickeys

Once you’ve got one, you will need to plan how to hide it for the next 11-20 days… Watch out!

#2 Try Some Ice

Some rumors claims that if you put some ice of the damaged area, it might heal the hickey sign at least 30% quicker.

#3 How Often Do You Get Hickeys?

If you get hickeys too often, it might indicate that you suffer from low iron levels which can damage your health. Don’t neglect that.

#4 It’s Quite Simple

In fact, hickeys are just regular bruises.

#5 But Why It’s Caused?

When your partner (Or you!) putting too much pressure on a gentle area like the face or neck, a blood vessels might get explode which causes the hickey terrible signature.

#6 Stay Easy!

When you’re trying to give hickey at any price to your partner (you little douchebag!), your partner might get a severe skin infection. Stay Easy boy!

#7 Too Aggressive Hickeys Might Leave Scars On Your Body…

Chill your partner immediately!

#8 Beware Of The Herpes!

Herpes? Yea, Herpes. “But how?” Very simple – if your partner is too aggressive with you, it might spread some oral infections on your lips which eventually might causing Herpes.

#9 Ladies Are The Luckiest Ones

“But why..?” Because you have all the needed tools to hide these embarrassing hickeys! As scarf, your long hair, makeup… You got covered.

#10 The Most Severe Hickey Case Ever Recorded

Around 37 Years ago, a man got stroke after he got an extremely severe hickey. Oh my…!