Homeless Man Spends 2 Days Returning Lost Bag To Woman – Changes His Life When She Gets It Back

When Daisy lost her bag with $300 in it, she didn’t have much hope of getting it back. When a homeless man returned it to her, she changed his life in return.


A kind-hearted homeless man spent two days attempting to reunite a young woman with her missing handbag.


Daisy Owen lost her handbag containing a £300 iPhone, her house keys, and provisional driving license while on a night out in Bolton.

Homeless Paul Calderbank found the bag outside a pub and spent two full days walking the streets determined to give it back to 20-year-old Daisy.


He attached a note to the bag so onlookers would not jump to the conclusion he had stolen it.


The note read: “Did not want to tell anyone in town because they would have tried to blag me saying it is one of there friends, can’t trust anyone in town and was worried in case anyone thought I was keeping it.”


“I want to locate the true owner and personally hand all her belongings back to her because I am an honest person now because to me it feels good to do the right thing.”


“There is money in the purse and I have not taken a penny.”


He roamed the streets for two days asking people who looked about Ms. Owen’s age if they knew her, after learning her identity from her provisional driving license.


He planned to walk to Ms Owen’s house to return the bag but encountered some of her friends, who messaged her on Facebook and arranged for the two to meet.


Daisy, from Breightmet, near Bolton, said: ‘Most people second guess homeless people.

“If I was in that position then I would have sold all of the stuff to improve my life – but Paul didn’t.”

“My faith has genuinely been restored in humanity – it’s amazing. He was still going hungry and on the streets even though he had my £10 note in the bag.”


She has launched an online fundraising page to help Mr. Calderbank pay for some clothes, food, and a home. The page has raised more than £1,100 in donations in two days.


She said: “It’s incredible that he literally searched for two days to try and find me so that he could give it to me personally.”

“I just really hope that I can pay him back in the way of fundraising”

“At the moment he is staying in a hostel, but he can’t afford it anymore so I either want to put the money towards a deposit on a flat or few .”

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