Cheaters Who Got Exactly What They Deserved

Falling in love is one of the greatest gifts and experiences that we get the pleasure of partaking in. Love and relationships are awesome because of:


Hand Holding


But as we all know, sometimes there can be ‘trouble in paradise’ when it comes to loyalty and trust. Chances are you know someone who has a cheating horror stor, or you have one of your own.

It’s never a pleasant situation to discover the one who you trusted with everything has been lying to your face and disrespecting your trust behind your back. There are several different ways to deal with being cheated on such as crying, venting, eating and maybe all of the above. But sometimes that stuff isn’t enough. Sometimes what that person needs is revenge. Here are 12 people who got instant karma for cheating.

1. At first glance, this might look like a regular ‘For Sale’ sign and it is!

But if you give it a closer read, it’s actually a pretty blatant drag.

2. Now this is smart.

We’re guessing this girl had tickets to this event with her ex, but when he decided to be unfaithful she ditched him and brought this sign instead. People in the crowd seem to be rooting for her.

3. This is how to get a message across.

Not to mention this woman has done her homework and kept all her receipts…We would look out if we were Michael.

4. Billboards are a pretty popular method when it comes to casting revenge on a cheater.

When someone is cheated on, they want nothing more than for the whole world to know what their ex partner did. And this is definitely a good way of doing that.

5. We’re hoping this wasn’t the only part of his punishment. In our opinion, public humiliation without a goofy outfit is being generous.

6. These two boys found out their girl had been playing the two of them–dating one and seeing the other.

So they decided to ‘surprise her’ by having a little reunion. Thinking she’s about to get a surprise, she’s led into the room by boyfriend one where boyfriend two is waiting. When she opens her eyes, boyfriend two throws a dress in her face saying she left it at his place. She is clearly busted and flustered. All she can mutter out is a weak sorry before storming off.

7. This one is pretty cringey… We’re plugging our noses at this bucket of waste that’s been thrown through a car window.

Whoever got this treatment must have messed up big time.

8. In this revenge, a Brazilian man finds out his girlfriend has been cheating and gives her a box of ‘chocolates’ that he leaves inside her car.

After locking the door and trapping her inside, the girl opens the box and finds dozens of cockroaches that immediately spread throughout the car as the girl screams in terror.

9. This secret message left underneath the toilet seat is an example of bro’s looking out for each other.

10. This polite letter of public humiliation is hilarious.

11. Well… it could have been sweet… This girls heavy sarcasm is on point.

We can only imagine the look on this dudes face when he realizes all his stuff is probably lost, probably forever.

12. This girl who was dating a tattoo artist made a mistake when she began seeing one of his friends.

Instead of tattooing a tribute to Narnia, he created a giant turd on her back instead. The girl is now filling a lawsuit but hey, at least he got his revenge right?