Girl Fails At Barbequing Burgers On Snapchat

This woman tried grilling some burgers for the first time in her life without any help or guidance. She knew it wasn’t going to go well so she decided to document the experience on Snapchat.

She started with so much optimism.

Eyebrows are the first to go when fire gets out of control.

Not a good sign of things to come, probably should have moved to BBQ off the wooden porch.

Now onto the main event, actually cooking some burgers.

That does not look good at all, hopefully they’re edible at least.

How she screwed up getting the wrong buns is beyond me, that’s stupid on another level.

Hopefully she didn’t feed them to a baby, that doesn’t look remotely close to done.

One side is burnt while the other is still practically raw.

Took two hours to “cook” four burgers, hopefully this learning experience helps a ton in the future.

Setting something on fire shouldn’t be this difficult.

Paper towel cooked burgers would probably have a stale flavor.

She finally gave up in the end, barbecuing isn’t meant for everyone.

She is having too much trouble just trying to get the coals to light.

She is going to end up cooking with paper towel fire instead of a coal one.

To be fair, the delicious smell is more of the burning coals than the cooking meat.