A List Of 10 Things That Kids See Vs. What Adults See

Kids have an abundance of imagination that adults wish they could still tap into. For a child, even the most simple thing can be an adventure. Let’s take a look at a few great examples of what the world looks like through the eyes of a child.

#1 School is torture.

As adults, we see school as a way for our kids to become educated about the world and learn the skills they will need as adults. Kids, on the other hand, see school as a daily prison they must endure before they are allowed to go home and play outside.

#2 They are just toys you say.

Kids are just oozing with imagination so when it comes to playing with toys they can create some pretty elaborate games. You might just see a pile of plastic army men but your child see’s a military simulation every bit as realistic as any Call of Duty game.

#3 Check out my ride.

That big wheel that your kid loves so much is like a bad ass motorcycle to them. The faster they go the cooler they feel. Don’t you remember how fun it was as a kid? In my neighborhood, we used to race big wheels. it was the best thing ever.

#4 Eww yucky!

Kids are still just kids so some things like kissing, for example, are seen in a negative light by them. You gotta remember, they haven’t discovered those kinds of feelings for the opposite sex yet so the thought of kissing a boy or girl is pretty gross to them.

#5 The best lunch ever.

It’s absolutely ridiculous how much some kids love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. To those kids, it’s the best thing ever. It’s like they can eat cake every day and who doesn’t love cake?

#6 No! I refuse to go!

Kids have mortal enemies. You have teachers, librarians, older siblings, but none of those enemies come close to being as hated as the doctor! For a child, the doctor might as well be an evil executioner come to torture them with needles and strange, disgusting medicines.

#7 Sometimes all that imagination isn’t a good thing.

For younger childer that imagination can get them in big trouble. Those really young kids see walls and doors and any other surface they can reach as an empty canvas for their art projects. Not a good thing for us parents that have to clean it up.

#8 If it bounces, it’s fun.

Beds, couches, basically anything with springs is seen by a child as being a trampoline and why not. It’s fun to jump up and down and that’s pretty much what kids do all day anyway.

#9 The best childhood game ever.

The floor is lava is a classic game that nearly everyone has played as a child. It’s so epic and imaginative but the best part of it is that the game is free. You just need furniture and a floor.

#10 It’s time to build something.

What kid hasn’t built a fort or a castle or something similar in their bedroom? It’s like a rite of passage for children and it’s pretty creative. If you want to see something cool sneak a peak and watch as your child diligently works to build their impenetrable fortress.