20 Amazing Wood Pile Art Pictures That Proves Anything Can Be Beautiful

Maybe you don’t know a thing about building a fire but you’ve got a lot of time on your hands. Make something cool out of chopped wood. It won’t cost you anything. That’s the best kind of art, the kind that doesn’t cost you a penny. It might cost you a little elbow grease but that’s never done any harm.

Take a look at these photos of some awesome wood pile art and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

#1 Making a tree like pattern with wood pile, that’s art

wood pile art 2

#2 Stunning flying owl in the night

wood pile art 3

Created by: Gary Tallman

#3 Perfect circle wood pile art, so much dedication

wood pile art 4

#4 This looks like an olympic torch right?

wood pile art 5

#5 Creating a house out of your wood pile is taking it to a new level

wood pile art 6

#6 Little owls in the pile

wood pile art 7

Created by Gary Tallman

#7 Horse and carriage

wood pile art 8

#8 Giant fish, is it a piranha or a salmon?

wood pile art 9

#9 This is beautiful! Coloring the inside of the wood

log pile art 10

#10 The love shack, would sleep in this every day

log pile art 11

#11 Cool vintage car in the pile

log pile art 12

Created by: Olle Hagman

#12 Is this a mice maze? Whatever it is, it looks pretty cool

log pile art 13

#13 This is impressive

log pile art 14

#14 Beautiful ray of sunlight

log pile art 15

#15 Using wood to pile art with much detail

fire wood art 16

#16 Wild hog created in the pile

fire wood art

#17 A forest inside the wood pile

fire wood art 17

Image credits: Lyn / Neale

#18 Little house in the village

fire wood art 18

Image credits: David Henry

#19 Owls peeking at you

fire wood art 19

Created by Gary Tallman

#20 Magnificent!

wood pile art 20