16 Things Your Server Doesn’t Want To Tell You

All servers have a love-hate relationship with their jobs — it’s like an unwritten rule. On the one hand, the people are fun, the environment is fast-paced, the job is eventful and the money, depending on where you work, can be really good. On the other hand, customers suck, managers are worse, holidays are a write-off and the money you make is reliant on how hard you grovel for the extra tips. These are all things servers would love to tell you, but between taking your order and making sure you’re satisfied enough to leave good tips, there really isn’t any time for complaining. However, since I am a former server turned caption writer, I feel it is important that I share their struggle with the ungrateful people who take them for granted. And if you bother to read on, you’ll realize the struggle is real.

#1 Worst joke ever

#2 Customers always find new and more creative ways to ruin their servers’ day

#3 Be more specific

#4 Like I said in the intro, holidays are a write-off

#5 Couldn’t have said it better myself

#6 Just because they work there doesn’t mean they have to love the food

#7 They probably hate their manager as much as you do

#8 People regularly overstay their welcome

#9 This is perfectly normal

#10 I accept that

#11 Waitresses only flirt with you for the tip, so don’t bother

#12 Unruly patrons who make it their goal to screw with you

#13 Showing the manager you can carry more plates just means he’ll expect you to carry more plates

#14 They’re servers, not babysitters

#15 I get the “money is money” maxim, but c’mon, this tip sucks

#16 They need the money more than you and God