16 Kids Who Are Absolute Smart A!

Kids certainly have a wonderful way of looking at our world. With their unique observations and blatant innocence, they never fail to surprise us. Whether answering at school, at home, or out and about in the world, these kids and their take on instructions are hilarious. None of them are wrong, technically, but I don’t think they qualify as right, either…

1. A kid knows the real you…

2. Well, she’s not wrong…

3. He’s just bein’ honest!

4. Banks a lot!

5. Bring a fish to school day… I think they meant pet fish!

6. Quite romantic, n’est-ce pas?

7. Ghost busted!

8. “I told my daughter she couldn’t take clothes off the hangers and try them on so I got this…”

9. Must’ve seemed like a pretty useless task

10. This li’l guy was told not to set a foot outside the house… touché

11. And of course, this guy was told to go play outside!

12. “I asked my son to use chopsticks at a Japanese restaurant. This is how he used them for the soup.”

13. Learning together…

14. Happy New Year!

15. That’s usin’ your head!

16. Seems right to me!