16 Things That Could Only Happen On Social Media

Social media isn’t that new, but it’s still a relatively recent innovation. Just fifteen years ago, no one even knew what a hashtag was. Nowadays, many of us do the bulk of our communication over social media. But if you take a step back, you realize just how weird it all is.

#1 He fought the law.

#2 Social media walls invade house walls.

#3 Don’t take it out on Safeway.

#4 It’s just one name, like Cher.

#5 It’s definitely wrong.

#6 Facebook: it’s cheaper than therapy.

#7 I have no words.

#8 For a post about the sun, that sure got dark.

#9 Dwayne gets it.

#10 The Tool Man made you look like a fool, man.

#11 Who do you think you are, Jaden Smith?

#12 Values

#13 This is how you remind me to delete you as a friend.

#14 Sure thing, Jaden.

#15 Justice

#16 Math is hard.