10 Super Delicious Things You Need To Eat In September!

Fall is great, with fall there come various meals and dinners that you should try and show off to your family and friends. We bring you 10 very delicious things that you need to try out in September!

1. Chicken Lasagna Roll Ups with Artichoke

Lasagna is mostly a meal everyone likes, try it out our way and impress everyone at the table!


2. Cinnamon Fresh Toast Sticks With Peanut Butter Jelly

A very delicious dessert for everyone, easy and fun to make – a great serving at parties!


3. Cream of Broccoli Soup

A tasty soup everyone will love right away! Broccoli soup is not only tasty, it is a really healthy choice!


4. ‘BBQ Chicken Pizza’ roll ups

If you are preparing a bbq, you need to try out these – they are looking great, they are tasty and very easy to make. Prepare a memorable bbq by serving these!


5. Farmers’ Market Fried Rice

If you got a wok, you will rock this recipe without any issues at all – very healthy, tasty and it looks great!


6. Broccoli Cheddar Chicken

Even the name of this meal sounds delicious – very easy to make, healthy and most importantly – everyone will love it!


7. Baked Apples With Apricots and Figs

A recipe that simply cannot go wrong – baked apples, everyone knows them, but give your imagination a breath and fill them as you wish!


8. Tortellini Minestrone Soup

Full of vegetables just as supposed to, this soup might become your favorite right away. Surely one of the healthiest meals on our list!


9. Almond Banana Bread

A great brunch, breakfast or even a dessert at night, this bread slays! It is easy to make and very delicious!


10. Pumpkin Fettucini Alfredo

If you are on a diet and you wish to make a healthy dinner, this recipe is all yours! 60% less calories than an average Alfredo – looks great too!